What is myActivo?

myActivo is an open-source software platform that reimagines what the management of physical assets in the digital era can be.

Starting with no assumptions about what is possible, myActivo embodies and experiments with the ideas behind the concept of Digital Asset Management.

What if instead of progressively adopting digital technologies into the engineering practice we imagine what would it be to create engineering solutions “from scratch” with the technologies available to us today?

What if we didn’t have legacy systems to worry about?

What sort of tools and processes we would develop to perform common engineering tasks?

I once read that designing a software data entry form should not equate to mirroring a paper form on the screen. This would be a waste of the possibilities of the new digital medium.

Some of the ideas I’m implementing in myActivo are fully formed, some others are just concepts that might or might not work.

Some ideas I’ve been thinking about for years while some others just come up as I work on my day-job.

I take ideas and concepts from many places, some related to engineering but some others not so much.

I like the visual aspect of Explorable Explanations for example or the software design concepts coming from Bret Victor’s mind.

In addition to sharing the source code, in this DevBlog I’ll be sharing my thinking behind some of these concepts and how I try to implement them in a software platform.

I will do my best to walk you through my thinking process about why a feature should be implemented and how.

myActivo is as much an open-source software project as it is an idea sharing project about engineering, asset management and digital technologies.

I hope it sparks some interesting comments and conversations.

Wish me luck.

By Carlos Gamez

As an Mechanical and Electrical Engineer by profession and Computer Programmer by passion I’ve been building my own software tools for over 20 years. My career has taken me across multiple engineering areas including Design, Manufacturing, Field Operations, Maintenance, Refurbishment, Product Development, Asset Management, Customer Service, Process Improvement, Consulting and Software Development. Mainly driven by challenges that I’ve faced on my day-to-day work and my own laziness and refusal to do repetitive and menial tasks, I always find myself creating software applications to automate the boring parts of my job. I quite enjoy the process of facing a brand new challenge, thinking about the best way to solve it, designing the architecture of the application and then implementing it. It is very satisfying to then see peers and colleagues use and benefit from my tools to make their lives easier and ease their workload.


  1. Wishing you the best of luck, Carlos. Sounds very interesting!
    I would love to be of assistance in structural engineering if you need anything.

  2. Fantastic futuristic approach Carlos. I will be following this and would like to participate from implementation perspective.

  3. Hi Carlos,
    Best Wishes for the project.
    I like your thought process about “not being constrained by what we have (legacy assets and systems), but starting from scratch”…..
    Curious to see your approach and solutions…

  4. Carlos, I am interested in many of these same asset management issues as well the use of Machine Learning to quantify the risk/reward aspects of different asset management strategies. I look forward to following your efforts in these areas.

    1. Thank you Charles. Over the coming weeks and months I’ll lay out the conceptual framework that I will be implementing in this platform.
      Your comments and suggestions will be welcomed.

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